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Keep analogue television

Comment 18th May 2015

Maintain analogue television signals.  By all means let those who want digital television buy their new sets, but leave the rest of us who are happy with our 4 (or 5) channels alone!

Why does this matter?

There is no clear reason why analogue is being switched off, other than ‘technology for technology’s sake’.  4 channels are more than enough for many people and forcing them to go digital is an unfair, costly burdon, especially when they have no desire nor need for the umpteen extra channels anyway.

Also, many people are unable to receieve digital television without an expensive and unsightly dish on their house – again, more cost for no advantage whatsoever.

Not only must we purchase new television sets, but also our present VCRs will become obsolete, losing the vital capability of watching one channel whilst recording another.  All in all, the analogue switch off is confusing, stressful, costly, does not serve the public interest, and is not what we want.

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