Reinstate Rolling Historic Road Tax

classic car

Change the law to re instate the rolling year for Historic Road Tax.

Initially this was a rolling exemption applied to any vehicles over 25 years old, however the cutoff date was frozen in 1997.

Why does this idea matter?

Reinstating this law would be an incentive to keep older cars on the road that are now disappearing.

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6 Responses

  1. mark sasse says:

    i think its a good idea iv e got a 1973 3.5s registered june and two classic triumphs 1976 s wouldnt use them much just a bit of fun but under present system they dont get used at all just cant afford the tax for maybe a few weekends

  2. T Larkin says:

    If owners do not have any incentive to keep older vehicles running there will be a void in our motoring history in the future. Historic vehicles are expensive to run because of lack of parts and scarce specialist knowledge. Therefore anything that will help those foolhardy enough to keep a historic vehicle running for the benefit of future generations should be done. I am not certain that 25 years is an appropriate timescale. I think 30 to 35 years would be more appropriate but I believe that the rolling cutoff should be re-introduced. I personally do not have any vehicles that would benefit as all my historic vehicles are at least 45 years old and already benefit from the current historic vehicle tax rule.

  3. Dave says:

    I have a pair of vehicles that I use for weddings etc a 76 silver shadow and an 85 daimler limousine They would both be tax exempt it it wasn’t for Mr Brown. I only tax the vehicles for the months I use them and then declare them off road the remainder of the time.

    I wonder how many people do the same trick as me with the road tax. Just taxing the vehicles for the months you need means that the government etc looses money in administration costs every time. I think the only winner is the post office as they will get three or four roads tax commissions out of me every year!

    The government should review the pre 1973 cut off date as its way over due for revision.

  4. Rob Taylor says:

    I think now we are at a 40 year point it should just become a rolling exemption , anything that reaches 40years should become exempt

  5. Trinny says:

    Yes there are quite a few historic vehicles we will lose as the repair/running costs put people off keeping them running

  6. Tony Winters says:

    I agree with T Larkin that 30 to 35 years old would be more appropriate for a vehicle to be ‘Historic’ and exempt from Road Tax.
    This would give car owners more incentive to keep good quality older vehicles maintained and on the road.
    Tony Winters.

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