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Allow dogging and outdoor sex

2 Comments 30th October 2014

In this day and age there should be no laws preventing consenting adults to take part in sexual activity in outdoor places. I accept that there should be controls on where and when, but late at night in a secluded car park seems ok to me, quite fun I guess.

Why does this matter?

Lots of people could have lots of fun, nice warm summer evening, a crowd around the car……what could be better?

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2 Responses to Allow dogging and outdoor sex

  1. mark says:

    Just leave this filth to the great indoors!
    Nobody wants to come across you lot perving around!

  2. l. Willy Nelson says:

    Sex between a husband and wife is a good thing but in front of others is very rude. They can have sex in their backyard or in the woods far away from others.

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