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Stop police closing roads to investigate accidents.

29 Comments 25th October 2014

When there is a serious accident, the police have, over the last few years, started closing the road, often causing delays of several hours for the motorists caught in the tail-back. This did not happen in the past and doesn't seem to happen in other countries

Why does this matter?

With the delays of hours, or with motorists being forced onto roads they don’t know, and are unsure of where to go, the drivers are stressed to get to their destination in time. Accidents are far more likely to happen on non-motorways, especially when lost and ┬ábehind schedule. Local traffic and pedestrians have the extra delays because of the diverted vehicles, and are at more risk of accidents also. All this extra risk to bring possible prosecutions which will do nothing to reduce accidents in the future. This policy is poorly thought out and counter-productive.

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