Speeding (over 70mph) on motorways should be OK if traffic conditions allow – clear road and good conditions, under 85mph should be acceptable, for example.

Speeding (over 30mph) in residential areas should be made stricter with double fines/points around schools (as in America).

All money raised from speeding fines should be ploughed back into the road system.

Police/councils should NOT have to justify speed traps/cameras.

Why is this idea important?

Many people drive or want to drive slightly faster than 70mph on the motorway and if the conditions allow, that should be acceptable to a certain point.

Doubling fines/points around schools would deter many people from speeding around schools, protecting our children. Making residential speeding stricter would benefit many residents and make it safer for children who (rightly or wrongly) play in the street.

Putting the money raised from speed traps back into the road will allow for many repairs (e.g. pot holes) and improvements. It will help reduce the perception that they are just fund raisers/hidden tax.

Cameras shouldn't have to be justified as people shouldn't be speeding in the first place – motorists need to take responsibility for their choice to break the speeding law. Speeding laws are generally seen as a joke and almost everyone ignores them and expects it to be acceptable that it is ignored.

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  1. Speed limits should be abolished altogether. And any death or injury caused by a driver of a motor vehicle should almost always result in severe punishment for the driver, such as imprisonment/ long driving ban/ very harsh financial penalties.

    Drivers need to take responsibility for their own actions and drive at whatever speed is guaranteed not to hurt anyone. Ever. If you give them 30mph they’ll take it and blame the sign for allowing it. Speed limits are seen to endorse any given speed.

    It should always be considered the driver’s or drivers’ fault if there is no overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Especially when it involves pedestrians, who should never be blamed for getting run over.

    Last time I checked it was around 20,000 deaths or serious injuries on UK roads for that year – a third of which were children. That’s around 20 kids a day getting maimed or slaughtered. And all because people drive faster than they should.

    Abolishing speed limits would obviously be an extremely radical step, but along with very harsh punishment/s for any death or injury caused by a driver of a motor vehicle it seems to me that lives could be saved.

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